Who will lose their humanity in season 5 of The Walking Dead?

With the fourth season of “The Walking Dead” over with, fans are now going to have to wait several months before season 5 airs. Until then there is a lot of time to speculate on what will happen next. However, viewers are not the only ones talking; on April 6, the Facebook page for “The Walking Dead” posted a link to a video on AMC that reveals what the cast thinks will happen next. One of the things discussed was who is holding on to their humanity and who is losing it.

Carol has gone down a dark path

The clip opened with a few shots from the season 4 finale, then Robert Kirkman spoke about the humanity of the characters. In a dark world people have to adjust to a new way of living. Some people like Tyreese, have held on to their humanity even through tremendous loss while others haven’t been able to do so. Kirkman said that Carol has definitely gone down a dark path.

The statement was a bit surprising because she doesn’t seem cold or uncaring despite the harshness of the world. Yes, she has made some tough decisions, but she did them not because she lost her humanity, but because it is what needed to be done. This was clear when she killed Lizzie, which was something that absolutely had to be done. However, when she killed David and Karen at the prison in an attempt to stop the spread of the flu, it may not have been the right choice, but she did have the best intentions.

His statement seems to indicate that Carol might end up more hardened in “The Walking Dead” season 5. She certainly has been through a lot and has lost so much. First her husband, which really wasn’t a huge loss as far as viewers are concerned, then her daughter and finally, she lost Mika and Lizzie, two children who she bonded with. This leads to speculations on which other characters could lose their humanity.

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