The Walking Dead Fans Launch “McEmmy Campaign”

It’s no secret we heart the heck out of Melissa McBride and think the world of her powerful work as Carol Peletier on The Walking Dead Season 4. And we’re not alone!

“The Grove” was one of the strongest episodes of the series to date, in large part because of Melissa’s unforgettable performance, which left Greg Nicotero speechless and in tears. And this is the guy who deals with fake blood and guts for a living, so he’s not all that soft.

AMC recently revealed the “Something Human” posters it’s using to promote the TWD cast for Emmy Awards consideration. We hope it works, but fans are also launching their own campaigns to reinforce the message.

Right after the Emmys posters were revealed, fans created a Twitter account and Facebook page for The McEmmy Campaign.

@McEmmyCampaign is “A Grassroots Fan Campaign” that’s currently pushing a series of tweets labeled “For Your Consideration – Melissa McBride for Outstanding Supporting Actress in The Walking Dead #McEmmy” to outlets from The Hollywood Reporter to Entertainment Weekly. The Facebook page is also posting billboard photos of Melissa/Carol, adding, “Melissa McBride deserves an Emmy nomination for her work in season four of The Walking Dead. Help spread the word!”

The word is slowly getting out. They had 68 likes and 49 followers on Day 1, and updated that they were up to 274 likes and 90 followers after the first 48 hours. They are currently at 303/98, so we’ll have to see if the momentum grows. Join the cause!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.


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