Spoilers: A Major ‘Walking Dead’ Cast Faces a Horrible Death in Mid-Season Finale

The Walking Dead continues to produce heart-gripping, action-filled scenes each episode in Season 5. There’s no question why they’ve always landed the number 1 spot in TV ratings at its previous seven episodes as it always surprises its audience with controversial scenes and twisted plot lines that leaves many fans guessing. Now in its mid-season finale, you can expect nothing short of astonishing battles that will leave you gasping and wishing for more.

In last week’s episode of the Walking Dead, with Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) return, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his team were divided again as the half of them embarked on a rescue mission to rescue their friends, Carol (Melissa McBride) and Beth (Emily Kinney) from the hands of the cops holding them hostage on the Grady Memorial Hospital; while Carl, Father Gabriel, Micchone and baby Judith stood their ground in the church.

The last leg of their rescue mission will continue in Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8, entitled ‘Coda’. Grab your Katana, Crossbow or your choice of weapon, because you will join Rick’s team in an all-out war in the midseason finale. We have spoilers ahead for you!

According to IB Times, Walking Dead fans can recall that the head of the survivors was willing to go through the rescue mission with guns blazing, but Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) wanted an alternative to the inevitable bloodshed, which had been supported by Daryl.

Rick will continue his attempt to negotiate an exchange with Dawn (Christie Woods), saying they don’t want anyone to get hurt and just want to have their friends. He is adamant of entering a situation of not getting entangled in a fight. But, the cops have other plans and they might need to resort to violence and be forced to fight back.

A spoiler-filled synopsis for ‘Coda’ revealed that Rick and his crew’s new enemies will ‘disregard rules and morals’. They will find no peaceful resolution. Dawn had not hesitated in using force in order to get bend things to her will. Her abusive behavior towards Beth was clear as day in the past episodes. While she could get nothing out of Beth and Carol really, her decision could help her prove herself to her fellow officers. A showdown will happen between the two teams, who are both unwilling to back down to one another.

Meanwhile, Father Gabriel left the rest of his companions in the Church, much to Micchone’s (Danai Gurira). He will venture into the woods alone, unarmed and unprotected. Will he survive against the deadly Walkers in Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8? Will he go back or will Micchone go after him?

For those wondering about the other half of the survivors, who are on their way to D.C., Now that the truth had been revealed that Eugene (Josh McDermitt) was not a scientist, the crew hit a major roadblock. Would they still go ahead to the nation’s capital? Or will they realize it’s too much of a risk and it’s time to return to the group they left in the Church?

Rumors have also swirled that the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8 will be a real tear-jerker. Melissa McBride commented that the next episode was a ‘heartbreak’, which probably gave more away than she thought it did.

Norman Reedus recently shared in an interview that he cried during the filming of the mid-season finale. He admitted, he had to ‘sit on apple box’ with his head between his legs for an hour. He couldn’t help, but cry. “He’s one of the characters where they keep dangling a carrot in front of him and he keeps reaching for it, but the carrot falls in the mud right before he’s about to get it.” He said.

So far, fans’ speculations were torn between Beth and Carol as the one who’s going to say goodbye to the cast. The most rampant has been Beth’s character as she faced a ‘horrible death’ next week. This has not yet been confirmed, so fans will need to watch out for Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 8.


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