Character: Olga / Waitress / Agent
Directed by: Sheldon Schiffer
Premiere date: September 9, 2007
Genre: Short, Drama
Running time: 40min

Can you trust love if your lover doesn't have refuge? This is the question that underlies the film Nailed! Branca, a Brazilian immigrant, must decide how and if she will remain in the United States legally or otherwise. Her travails involve the exploits of two con-artists, Patrick and Danny, who try to swindle her for money in exchange for a green-card wedding they have no intention of fulfilling. The only problem is that one of them starts to fall in love with her, which begins to unravel their elaborate scheme. The film also explores Branca's pursuit of an American husband as she struggles with her desires for security and her desire to become an American. Both Branca and Patrick discover just how hard it is to find love and security in the same person, especially when one is an alien in a foreign land.