Character: Walker Young
Episodes: Episode 1x01
Original airdate: September 21, 1006
Episode title: Insight
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Dr. Samantha "Sam" Waters is a brilliant female forensic psychologist with a unique gift for understanding the criminal mind and a special skill that enables her to "think" in pictures and visualize a crime through the eyes of both the victim and the killer. Three years earlier, an admiring serial killer called "Jack of All Trades" murdered her husband, leaving her devastated. Guilt-ridden, Sam had retired and retreated with her seven-year-old daughter, Chloe, to live an anonymous life with her friend, Angel Brown, in rural Maryland. Sam is coaxed out of her self-imposed isolation by her old friend Bailey Malone, head of the FBI Investigative Support Unit, to assist in solving a baffling spate of weekend serial killings that have claimed the lives of several single women in Atlanta, but she is unwilling to make her presence known since she still lives in fear of Jack, who is still after her.